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        1. Hockey nada B.C. Hockey Hockey Alberta Saskatchewan Hockey Association Hockey Manitoba Hockey Northwest Ontario Ontario Hockey Federation Hockey Eastern Ontario Hockey Quebec Hockey New Brunswick Hockey P.E.I. Hockey Nova Scotia Hockey Newfoundland Hockey North

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          A statement from the 13 provincial and territorial Hockey nada Branches

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          Distrcit 14 Chair Position

          HEO is looking to fill the position of Chair for District 14. More details in release at the link below.

          Open Letter to HEO Members

          Please read this open letter from Hockey Eastern Ontario to their members.

          HEO Statement

          Statement from HEO on 2022-23 Participant Fees.

          Press Release

          HEO High Performance AAA programming to undergo a program reset for the 2023-24 season.

          Assist Fund

          Hockey nada Foundation is now accpeting applitions for its Assist Fund. Check out details at the link below.

          First Shift is Back

          Follow the link below to read more about hosting and registering for a First Shift program in your Minor Hockey Association.

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          Hockey Eastern Ontario Logo
          get in touch
          HCR3.0 Rowan


          Risk Management

          Concussion Return to Play Gender Training Cyberbullying
          Return to Play Safety For All Respect In Sport
          Concussion rd Safety For All Mobile App


          Drill of the Month

          Drill of the Week

          Video of the Month



          HEO Officials

          NCCP Coach Dev


          Rule Book App



          In Goal Mag Chev Hockey First Shift Ontario

          "Hockey nada and its Ontario branches are taking steps to protect the rights of trans youth and ensure
          that they n play hockey in an inclusive environment."

          Read Full Text

          Hockey nada and its Ontario branches are taking steps to protect the rights of trans youth,
          and ensure that they n play hockey in an inclusive environment. This will include new Co-Ed Dressing Room
          and Confidentiality policies, which will be publicly posted by August 31, 2016, recognizing the
          rights of trans youth to:
          - access all facilities and services in accordance with their self-identified gender identity and expression;
          - be addressed by their preferred names and pronouns; and
          - have privacy and confidentiality with respect to their gender identity.
          Training and/or edution, as appropriate, will be delivered to all coaches, trainers, volunteers,
          staff, parents/guardians and players before the 2017-18 season.

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